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HPE Virtual Connect and the HPE blade systems are wonderful technologies trusted by some of the most regarded CIOs in the world. We get asked by CIOs all the time about the main issues that cause data centers to experience down- times or noticeable service degradation. 


We at MagicFlex scan data centers for errors, misconfigurations, cross-vendor version conflicts and best practice compliance among other things. Scanning server and blade systems, LAN/SAN switches and virtualization servers.


Our unique algorithms and cutting edge expert system scans each appliance for more than 50,000 issues and symptoms to produce an accurate list of all the tasks that are needed to be performed to improve, fix and prevent downtime, service degradation, and data loss.


CIOs often ask us: "What are the top 3 issues that cause many of the incidents that could have been prevented if managed correctly?"


Here they are...


Non-Optimal Network Routing


Non-optimal networking routing configuration can go undetected for long periods of time, since as long as the Flex modules remain up, traffic passes normally.  However, it is critical to identify and rectify such configurations immediately, so that you have the protection you expect in case of a Flex is down. 


Incompatible Driver/Firmware Versions


Ensuring compliance with HPE/VMware Recipe is a critical component in keeping your data center running smoothly.  Veering from this path leads to a variety of potential unanticipated problems, including service degradation and outages, if your specific combination of software versions has not been confirmed as reliable.


Incorrect SmartLink Configuration

Should a component such as a backbone or card on one vNet lose power or connectivity, SmartLink enables the network to continue functioning by redirecting the traffic to the other vNet (Virtual Connect Network).


Incorrect configuration may prevent the network to continue functioning.



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