MagicFlex Description

MagicFlex supports the following automated analysis:


Preventive (Pro-Active and Re-Active) Analysis

  • Pro-Active: MagicFlex identifies problems and recommends solutions BEFORE they negatively impact the system.

  • Re-Active: When system problems do occur, MagicFlex is used to identify the root cause of the issue, and provide a remediation plan.


Health Check/Audit Report

The report is a professional detailed snapshot of data center health, presenting executive summary, inventory, map and all problematic issues, including severity and resolution plan.  Report is suitable for data center/IT executives, as well as technical staff of all levels.  The report can be run periodically, such as once a quarter, or before and after projects, in order to gauge health of data center over time.


Inventory/Hardware Discovery

MagicFlex creates an inventory of all devices analyzed in the system, virtualization, SAN and LAN environments, including name of devices and all relevant software/firmware/driver versions.


Data Center Optimization

MagicFlex identifies trends in bandwidth and CPU usage over time, providing critical information to capacity planning teams, helping to save money that might be spend on unnecessary upgrades.  MagicFlex also identifies cases such as network routes that have unnecessary hops.


Delivery Planning and Post Delivery Auditing 

Before projects, use MagicFlex to present inventory, maps and detailed list of technical problems and resolution plan.  After project delivery, used MagicFlex to that project was successfully completed.

Multi-Vendor Gap Analysis (Driver, Firmware, Software)

MagicFlex uses vendor-supplied compatibility matrixes to identify incompatibilities between software, firmware and drivers in multi-vendor environment across system, virtualization, SAN, and network.


Redundancy Analysis

MagicFlex analyzes configurations of devices to ensure that there are no misconfigurations, so that when faults occur, system will continue to operate successfully.


Best Practice/Validated Design Compliance Analysis

Through our experience working with many customer data center operators, MagicFlex alerts when data center operations conflicts with industry best practices.


Constantly Updated Knowledge Base (Customer/Service Advisories)

MagicFlex is constantly updated, presenting all relevant customer/service advisories and security bulletins, so that the data center operator is fully aware of all known vendor issues with their deployed devices.


Trends (Errors/Port Metrics)

MagicFlex identifies port metrics over time, so that IT personnel have the information they need to resolve the problem.


Performance Monitoring

Monitors port performance, displaying errors and metrics.  Both historical and real-time are presented.  

Security Issue Analysis

MagicFlex presents security bulletins for associated devices, in order that all vendor-known security issues are easily available to data center operators.  In addition, sometimes a port has VLANs associated with it that are not needed, which is a security risk – MagicFlex helps identify such instances.