MagicFlex ToolBox Edition

MagicFlex’s Toolbox supports the high availability demands of mission-critical data centers by providing visibility into the HP Virtual Connect and its interfaces. The Dashboard displays the statuses of all the Virtual Connect Domains, so that it is clearly evident which Domains have critical or major issues. In addition, the health status of the external interfaces, such as the WMware virtual servers and SAN (Brocade) are also shown. Reports are also available by request, detailing status and configuration details and analyses.  


MagicFlex’s Toolbox assist with configuration and backup tasks of the Virtual Connect domains and can simplify and shorten troubleshooting incidents.



Features and Benefits

Address Ranges

Helps to prevent duplication of MACs which can cause serious disruptions in traffic; lists MAC address ranges throughout the HP data center.

System Log

Lists all the alerts in the domain; offline history is visible even if Virtual Connect is disconnected.

For enhanced troubleshooting, the System Log offers high visibility into data center events with a one-page, consolidated view of all Virtual Connect system logs. Offline history is available even when even when Virtual Connect Manager is not accessible, offering crucial information that is otherwise unavailable.

Show Config

Displays the backup configuration script; Show All provides information about uplink, stacking link ports and WWN and MAC addresses.Assists in ensuring consistency and compatibility in the data center through use of the daily automatic backup of Virtual Connect domains’ configuration and the ability to compare versions and modifications.


Find MAC/WWN/Serial

Find Mac/WWN/Serial locates a MAC address within all the domains.

Essential troubleshooting tool to identify duplicate MAC addresses, WWN identifiers and Serial Numbers the HP data center.


Find MAC Realtime

Find Mac Realtime locates the MAC within the interconnect MAC table of Virtual Connect.


Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Tools assist in configuration and backup of the Virtual Connect by providing an