Product Overview

As today’s data centers incorporate physical, virtual and cloud-based elements, obtaining visibility and insight across your complex and distributed infrastructure is increasingly challenging. Specialization is a natural outcome of this environment, with technical administrators developing expertise in one specific area: server blades, LAN or SAN.


When down-time does occur in your mission-critical applications, identifying which element is the root cause is oftentimes extremely difficult and time-consuming, causing outage time to increase, costs to rise, and negative visibility within your organization to be elevated. Even when the cause is ultimately identified, it is complicated to understand what the correct solution is.


MagicFlex will upgrade your data center’s ability to analyze, isolate and solve physical and logical problems, both in terms of preventative maintenance before an issue in the network causes an outage, as well as during a loss of service, to more quickly identify the cause and recommend the correct solution. MagicFlex complements and enhances the functionality of HPE Virtual Connect environments, adding analytical capabilities and visibility of critical interconnected multi-vendor components in the LAN, SAN and Blade Server infrastructures.

MagicFlex Dashboard 

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MagicFlex analyzes the converged infrastructure environment, generating alerts based on analysis of the configuration, statuses and performance. Port alerts indicate problems such as CRC errors, link resets, flow control and pause frames. Analysis and status alerts indicate problems with configuration, control and redundancy such as duplicate MAC, high utilization for long periods, alerts in best practices and other known issues. Reports are also available by request, detailing status and configuration details and analysis.


MagicFlex provides an in-depth view of the internal and external traffic patterns that identify current bottlenecks. The software also enables better network management and improved performance. In addition, MagicFlex also displays real time and historical traffic per port, to assist with troubleshooting issues occurring at the moment. Port History identifies when an issue occurred and shows the progression of the issue to enable educated troubleshooting.


MagicFlex’s Toolbox provides time-saving, effective tools that improve and simplify data center administrative tasks and also presents an overview of the HPE data center statuses. It shows the statuses of all the domains and displays the health status of the ESX hosts and SAN and LAN switches. MagicFlex’s Toolbox assists in configuration and backup tasks with tools that show and compare configuration data and also offers a comprehensive system log and Find MAC to locate MAC addresses and other identifiers.

What's New in 3.X?

Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Tools assist in configuration and backup of the Virtual Connect by providing an 

MagicFlex Smart Analysis 3.0 introduces an AutoDetect feature for detecting available devices. This version

expands device support and a new report type.

New Features:

  • Support for Cisco Nexus Switches

    • MagicFlex Smart Analysis 3.0 supports Cisco Nexus switches, 7000 series and 5000 series.

  • Device-Type Auto detection, When you add a new device, MagicFlex auto detects available devices. MagicFlex auto detects the following devices:

    • HPE Virtual Connect (VCM managed)

    • HPE H3C Ethernet switch

    • Cisco Catalyst switch

    • Cisco Nexus switch

    • Brocade based SAN switch, including OEM

    • HPE c-Class Onboard Administrator

  • Firmware Report for HPE c-Class Enclosures In this version, you can generate a comprehensive firmware report for HPE c-Class enclosures. The firmware report includes the following information:

    • Onboard Administrators

    • Server Blades

      • Model

      • ROM version

      • iLO version

      • ESXi version and build

    • Virtual Connect Interconnects

      • Model

      • Firmware version

To download MagicFlex Editions, click here.