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MagicFlex Smart Analysis Installation 
Latest Version 4.20  Release:


File name: MagicFlex-Appliance-v4.20-Build-1.16.0-063.ova

File MD5 hash: 39113fd38faef06081c0fd5fe8106565

File size:1.42GB
File type: .ova

Release Date: 16/05/2019



MagicFlex Installation Guide v4.2.x

Latest upgrade :

File name: MagicFlex_Upgrade_v4.20_b1.16.0-063.tar.gz

File MD5 hash: 32b3085f216d922cbb55bdcf823af935

File size: 92.54MB
File type: .tar.gz

Release Date: 16/05/2019

Upgrade Instructions:


  1. Shutdown MagicFlex appliance

  2. Create a snapshot of the MagicFlex virtual machine

  3. Power on MagicFlex appliance

  4. Login to MagicFlex web interface and navigate into Admin -> Support

  5. Browse for the update bundle and press Upgrade

  6. Once the upgrade is finished, it is recommended to reboot MagicFlex appliance

  7. After reboot, refresh your browser and login to MagicFlex web interface

  8. Navigate into Admin -> Operations, and run a configuration harvest

  9. Remove the snapshot taken in step 2