MagicFlex Technology

MagicFlex is a smart automated end-to-end data center analytical solution. Operating in the system, virtualization, SAN, LAN, Storage environments, MagicFlex supports devices from a wide variety of vendors, presenting analytical insights in a single platform from throughout the data center.

Built in to MagicFlex is an analytical engine that examines device configurations and port metrics, reporting when issues are discovered. Our multi-vendor constantly updated knowledge base automatically ensure that you are up-to-date regarding vendor recommended compatibility matrices (software, firmware, drivers), as well as best practices, customer advisories, security bulletins and

end-of-life announcements.


Our customers use MagicFlex to more efficiently perform pro-active and re-active data center operations, as well as upgrade migration project plans and implementation.


MagicFlex supports:


  • Remediation - Identifies the root cause of all issues, and provides a resolution plan

  • Proactive - Identifies potential problems and recommends solution BEFORE they negatively impact the system

  • Vendor-Agnostic Compatibility Matrix Analysis (Driver, Firmware, Software)

  • Optimization

  • Delivery Planning and Post Delivery Auditing

  • Redundancy Analysis

  • Multi-Vendor Constantly Updated Knowledge Base (Customer/Service Advisories/End-of-Life, Best Practices/Validated Designs)

  • Trends (Errors/Port Metrics)

  • Security Issue Analysis

  • Inventory/Hardware Discovery

  • Specific Enclosure/Full Data Center Auditing 


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To support high security environments, MagicFlex is deployed as a virtual appliance that is agentless, operates in read-only mode, and all data is store on premises (Internet access is not required).


The virtual appliance is simple to install on VMware or Hyper-V; once installed you can connect via a web interface and then add your Virtual Connect domains, OneView Logical Interconnects, WMware vSwitch and SAN and LAN switches.


The MagicFlex Engine polls the Virtual Connect domains and the external interfaces including the virtual machines and the SAN and LAN switches.  MagicFlex collects data via SSH (for VCM/VCEM and SAN switches), REST (for OneView) and VMware SDK.